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Event 1: Tennis: United Cup | From 8:30am
Event 2: Darts: Cazoo World Darts Championship | From 7:30pm
Event 3: Cricket: Australiav South Africa | 11:30pm
Event 4: WWE: NXT | 1am (8pm ET)
Event 5:Wrestling: Ring of Honor | 3am (10pm ET)
Event 6: Cricket: Pakistan vsNew Zealand | 5am

 NBANBA 1: Washington Wizards at Milwaukee Bucks | 8pm ET
NBA 2: Boston Celtics at Oklahoma City Thunder | 8pm ET
NBA 3: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz | 9pm ET

NHL 1: Arizona Coyotesat Florida Panthers | 7pm ET
NHL 2: Buffalo Sabres at Washington Capitals | 7pm ET
NHL 3: Carolina Hurricanes at New York Rangers | 7pm ET
NHL 4: Columbus Bluejackets at Ottawa Senators | 7pm ET
NHL 5: St. Louis Blues at Toronto Mapleleafs | 7pm ET
NHL 6: Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets | 8pm ET
NHL 7: Montreal Canadiens at Nashville Predators | 8pm ET
NHL 8: Tampa Bay Lighning at Chicago Blackhawks | 8:30pm ET
NHL 9: Seattle Kraken at Edmonton Oiler | 9pm ET
NHL 10: New York Islanders at Vancouver Canucks | 10pm ET
NHL 11: Dallas Stars at Los Angeles Kings | 10pm ET

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