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    • FireTV / Android: https://cli.re/mAmWYP Downloader App Code 960414
    • Apple: Download
    • SERVER URL FOR THE APPS THAT ASK FOR IT: https://app.wywnetwork.com
    • Login to your client area here Then click your active services. From their click the IPTV Service Details button. Their you will find your login details for streaming.


    • How to install the offical WYWTV app to your Fire TV devices.
    • 1. First locate your account login details within your profile on our website. It will be located on Your Profile just click on your username and look for APP LOGIN (if you dont have a login ask for one in live support)
    • 2. Now that you have located your login details download a program to your device called "Downloader" which can be found in the firetv app store.
    • 3. Once you have followed the steps to install downloader, on the top line of the screen type in the following URL https://cli.re/WYWTVAPP to install our app to your device.
    • 4. Once downloaded click install and then open.
    • 5. Once open you will see an area to type in your username and password. *Remember those details can be found by following step 1 up above.*
    • 6. You will then see the *Live* section. Here is where all of our live stream channels can be found.
    • Well, that should cover the install and usage of our app. Should you have any trouble or questions please contact us on the chat support near the bottom right side.
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